Visitors – Can I come just for the day and look around?
Day visitors are welcome to the Annual Rocky Mountain IH Rendezvous on Saturday and Sunday at the Fairgrounds.
Visitors to the event may:

  • See the IH Truck “Show” (Saturday)
  • Shop at the IH Vendor Swap/Sell Meet (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Watch the 4WD Rodeo Games including Ramp Travel Index and Binder Balance (Saturday and Sunday)
  • See Beautiful scenery – RMIHR is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains (anytime)

Note: Day visitors are not eligible to participate in any RMIHR shows, competitions or scenic rides.

What is there to do besides look at trucks?
There are lots of things to do at RMIHR. Look at trucks, find old friends and meet new ones. Wild Game Cookout, Truck Games you and watch and/or participate in. Also nearby in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO are a variety of pools to enjoy.

How do I know what class my vehicle is in?
RMIHR bases our vehicle classifications for the show on the drive train and suspension modifications that have been done to the vehicle.
What class is my vehicle?

Who does the judging?
“Judging” may not be quite the right word…
Each truck is voted upon by the other registered participants at the show. Each participant will receive a judging form to be filled out and returned to the Registration building BEFORE 2 p.m. on Saturday. The top vote-getters in each class will be awarded trophies.

Every participant must judge all vehicles entered, not just their own class. The Rocky Mountain IH Rendezvous initiated peer judging to “level the playing field”. This prevents the perception of bias. The judges are the participants themselves.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes regarding appearance, engineering and use-ability of their IH, regardless of model. Peer judging allows each participant to identify their ideal when evaluating the other vehicles at the show. You, as the judge, decide what exceptions are allowable in each class and which aren’t as well as which vehicle is the “best” of its class.

If you do not turn in your judging sheet, YOUR vehicle will not be eligible to win any awards, regardless of how many votes it gets!

What are the area/fairgrounds like?
The fairgrounds are rustic. They are at about 7,500. Be prepared for warm days and cool nights. Bring sunscreen and a winter coat. Drink extra water to avoid dehydration and/or altitude sickness. Symptoms of altitude sickness can include: headache, nausea, and unusual tiredness.

Can I camp at RMIHR?
The fairgrounds has areas for camping with electricity and without. They are first come, first pick. On-Site camping WITHOUT RV hookups is available at no charge on the Grand County Fairgrounds from Friday night through the following Tuesday morning for REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS ONLY. A very limited number of RV hookups are available at $10.00 per day on a first-come first-served basis. Because the camping area and hookups on-site are somewhat limited, you must obtain a Camping Permit tag from the Registration building when you register for each tent, tow rig, RV or camper in your party.

What amenities are at the Fairgrounds
Showers – No showers are available at the Fairgrounds. But the Red Mountain RV Park across the road has showers for a nominal fee for your convenience. No reservations are required.
Restrooms – are available along with Port A Potties

Can I bring my pets?
Yes but pets must be leashed at ALL times while on the Fairgrounds, including the camping area. Due to problems at previous events, pets will NOT be allowed inside any of the buildings. Animal control will be contacted to remove any animals that are not leashed.

What about meals?
There will be a vendor available for lunch on Saturday for lunch – no guarantees but we are working on getting a food vendor. There are several restaurants in open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Wild Game Cookout is Saturday night and 2 Adult tickets are included in each paid registration. Sunday night will be a pig roast – bring a side or dessert to share.

What about Fire Bans?
We follow the Current County Fire Restrictions. Fireworks are NEVER permitted on US Forest Service or BLM administered lands.