Everyone has their own likes and dislikes regarding appearance, engineering and use-ability of their IH, regardless of model. The Rocky Mountain IH Rendezvous initiated peer judging to “level the playing field”. Peer judging allows each participant to identify their ideal when evaluating the other vehicles at the show and ‘levels the playing field’. This prevents the perception of bias. You, as the judge, decide what exceptions are allowable in each class and which aren’t as well as which vehicle is the “best” of its class.

  • Each participant will receive a judging form to be filled out and returned to the Registration building BEFORE 2 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Your truck will be voted upon by the other registered participants at the show.
  • The top vote-getters in each class will be awarded trophies.

Your event registration plus your judging sheet is your vehicle’s entry to be eligible to win any awards.
If you do not turn in your judging sheet, YOUR vehicle will not be eligible to win any awards, regardless of how many votes it gets!